Case Study: Process Automation For Streamlining Sales


Company has a web application that interacts with multiple vendors in the Health Care industry, whose specifications and protocols can change periodically. Each time the specification changes, the product has to be updated and re-released to all clients, which can introduce bugs and is time-consuming. Company wants to be able to update the communication between vendors without having to always update their core product, so that they can adapt to changing vendor specifications without having to update and re-release their core product.



The solution required a Service Oriented Architecture. We implemented a set of Web Services that abstracted message calls to the various vendors. The vendor updates could then be made directly on the services without having to change the application. This also allowed updates to one vendor to not impact clients that do not use that vendor.



After JB Consulting implemented our solution, we separated the company’s web application and the interaction with several health IT vendors, so that updates to the vendor interactions no longer required updates to the core application.

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