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At Jensen & Brusca Consulting Group, we provide cutting edge digital solutions, untangle complex issues, build world-class software, and focus on improving the lives of patients while helping healthcare administrators work better. We are diligent and dedicated, helping a range of clients from pharmaceutical manufacturers to national pharmacy chains operate with greater efficiency and better quality. Historically, our function has been a versatile one, and we’ve built technology to dispense medications, manage formularies and track the patient journey, data management, analytics, and much, much more. What truly separates us is our genuine passion for what we do and our enthusiastic dedication to improving your business. We love technology. Helping people and making a difference in their lives motivates us. We understand our clients and treat their goals and deadlines like our own.


Our Approach

We have been visionaries and sought-after tech partners for US Healthcare companies. Read about several projects we are proud to been a part of in our case studies, demonstrating our accomplishments and showcasing novel technology applications. We take a very unique and flexible approach to our work:

  • We bring our own ideas to market and seek partners to design exciting and innovative new ideas together
  • When a client needs technology that does not exist to meet their unique need, we build it
  • We contribute every step of the way from starting with the discovery and design process and leverage our own valuable experience to help you
Our Core Values:
We are passionate about our work and take a leadership role. We hold ourselves accountable for our clients success.
Business ethics is everything to us. When it comes to helping people feel better, there's no greater responsibility to do right.
We utilize the latest technologies and innovations and are committed to the highest standard of excellence.
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