Cloud Services For Healthcare & Fully Managed IT

Until recently, cloud services for healthcare have been difficult to implement. Many businesses have been reluctant to use these increasingly productive services, due to some limitations in processing and worries about data storage and transfer compliance. These days, digital cloud services in the healthcare industry are becoming more common, and we’re able to help your company make the most of them, whether you’re veterans or newcomers to the cloud.

When it comes to our digital health cloud services, we focus on integration, flexibility, and security. We ensure that any services you use are fully integrated into your current workflow, flexible enough to do everything you need and change over time, and secure enough that you never have to worry about HIPAA compliance or data security.

We are up-to-date on all major cloud services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, which are increasingly used in the healthcare space due to their HIPAA compliance. Our cloud service implementation focuses on flexible scalability, meaning that it can function as a one-time solution that can grow with your business, even if you have unpredictable fluctuations in data usage requirements.

Our expertise in cloud services allows us to understand every option that’s currently available for your business. Whether you know what you want to implement or want further consultation about how to make the cloud work for you, we’re here to make it happen.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

With a sudden surge in our call center volume, we needed to optimize our operations quickly. JB Consulting jumped into action and immediately implemented improvements to successfully manage our sudden growth and surge in volume.

Anthony P
Anthony P
Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Technology Company

Our IT team had no experience with the electronic prescribing and billing transactions but luckily for us the JB Consulting team did, and was able to manage our relationship with SureScripts and RelayHealth to accelerate our implementation timeline and ensure the job was done right.

Dhiren P
Dhiren P
Chief Executive Officer, Private Pharmacy Chain

Shaun and his team worked with us to install and configure products at over 10 large enterprise sites, which in total were servicing close to 10 million patients. They learned our business with ease and contributed in anything we asked them to do from a product innovation perspective

Ahmed S
Ahmed S
Chief Information Officer, PBM

The data we were getting from our dispensing systems and various pharmacy sites was disorganized and becoming harder and more costly to maintain. Shaun and his team setup a process to warehouse and normalize our data and built a dashboard to give us visibility into everything.

Vijay S
Vijay S
Chief Data Officer, Independent Pharmacy
Our Work
Case Study: SureScripts NCPDP & D.0 Pharmacy Billing Integration
New York, NY | Private Retail Pharmacy Chain

We were approached by the owner of a small retail pharmacy chain based in New York City. They were building their own retail pharmacy dispensing system to use in-house, and then be subsequently licensed to other retail pharmacies.

Case Study: Health Insurance Purchasing Simulator
Private Marketing Firm and Several Blue | Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans | Chicago, IL

We formed a partnership with a private marketing firm that was conducting market research on behalf of Health Insurance companies. The goal of the partnership was to develop a software application that would provide better market survey data about patients.

Our Services

Our service offering is backed by world class expertise in each sector. Each service devision is led by industry veterans with years of expertise in enterprise-level healthcare technology projects.

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Hands-On Integration Management, Services & Support
  • Increase efficiency & cut waste through connectivity & unification for fragmented enterprises.
  • Building integrations for business divisions to exchange value & enable new functions.
  • Connect applications, data sets, or even clouds to create additional value within your organization.
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Full Stack Development Specializing In Enterprise Healthcare
  • Our dedicated, sr. level full stack devs are accustomed to learning the ins-and-outs of your business.
  • From conception, to execution & deployment, we plan and architect with the end user in mind.
  • Our full stack dev services include HTML, CSS, Angular.JS, React, Node, MEAN, Mongo, & much more.
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Digital Transformation
  • We’ll ensure that our clients’ systems, software, and platforms are fully upgraded, secure and scalable.
  • For collaboration, innovation & productivity, we build and deploy modern and adaptive features & tools.
  • We provide comprehensive support from crafting modernization strategies to adopting new technology.
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IT Strategy & Business Consulting Specializing In Healthcare
  • We create innovative, scalable & fully custom strategies for any business lifecycle stage.
  • Capabilities range from advisory service alongside your staff to fully managed IT departments.
  • Security, Compliance, Big Data, Integration, & more – turn-key solutions for optimal patient care.
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Software Modernization and Business Process Optimization
  • Optimizing your business is at the core of what our experienced teams accomplish behalf of our clients.
  • From matters of workflow and document management to creating bespoke software solutions, we make it happen.
  • Unique challenges call for unique solutions, which is key to successfully optimizing business processes.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Automating manual processes saves time and money
  • Let your team focus on high impact activities and let technology do the rest
  • Our focus is on ease of use and your broader business goals
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Data Warehousing, Reporting, Dashboarding & Analytics
  • We provide reporting tools that uncover insights & serve a vital function in business operations.
  • We allow analytics teams to generate constantly updated snapshots of their critical departments.
  • We provide business operating tools that monitor, make adjustments & yield insights & values.
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