Data Warehousing, Reporting, Dashboarding & Analytics

When it comes to reporting, analytics, and data management, there are tried and true methods that we can tailor to your specific needs. On the other hand, we can develop unique analytic protocols to target and maximize your data usage and help make your data work for you in the best way possible.

Our approach guarantees that your data is kept safe and organized while maximizing access and boosting your capacity to comprehensively analyze and move forward in a way that takes out all of the guesswork.

No healthcare business can manage to forego a robust data warehousing operation. Whether your data warehousing is severely lacking, slightly outdated, or just not doing what you want, we can help you find an optimal solution. Our knowledge of data warehousing ensures a comprehensive, useful, and business-oriented approach that can bring your reporting and analytics to new levels of productivity and growth.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Our prior authorization call center was flooded and productivity was suffering, which was causing our team stress and frustration. JB Consulting seemed to know exactly what was needed to turn things around, and within just two months we had measurable improvements. And as importantly, our managers and call center reps had a more productive and positive work environment.

Raj K
Raj K
Chief Operations Officer, Health Plan

When we wanted to test new benefit designs, we worked with JB Consulting to build a tool that allowed prospective members to browse the plans and provide invaluable feedback to our team.

Beth S
Beth S
Chief Experience Officer, Health Plan

We have known JB Consulting for many years and can confidently state that they are extremely competent. They have a good team and we know we can rely upon them for all our technology needs. Based upon our experience we recommend them very highly.

Bawa J
Bawa J
Founder, Global Non-Profit Organization

JB Consulting has been an invaluable partner over the last 10 years in providing superb development services and delivering projects on time and within budget. The JB Consulting team is creative and well versed in all tasks they take on.

Richard M
Richard M
Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Technology Company
Our works
Case Study: Process Automation For Improved Sales Output
Small private company (unknown rev) | Madison, NJ | Financial Aid Consulting

Company needed to make their sales pipeline more streamlined to handle more sales with their existing staff. They gathered sales leads and traveling sales associates would record information manually on paper during an initial consultation.

Case Study: Business Process Optimization
Large public company ($2B rev) | Midwest | Health Care Service Provider

We were approached by the Vice President of Pharmacy Services, who knew a part of his business inside and out from a previous job, but was currently paying a consulting firm $75k/month in fees.


All of our service offerings are supported by world class expertise in virtually all modern technologies. Our team is led by industry veterans with years of expertise in enterprise-level healthcare technology projects.

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Hands-On Integration Management, Services & Support
  • Increase efficiency & cut waste through connectivity & unification for fragmented enterprises.
  • Building integrations for business divisions to exchange value & enable new functions.
  • Connect applications, data sets, or even clouds to create additional value within your organization.
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Full Stack Development Specializing In Enterprise Healthcare
  • Our dedicated, sr. level full stack devs are accustomed to learning the ins-and-outs of your business.
  • From conception, to execution & deployment, we plan and architect with the end user in mind.
  • Our full stack dev services include HTML, CSS, Angular.JS, React, Node, MEAN, Mongo, & much more.
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Digital Transformation
  • We’ll ensure that our clients’ systems, software, and platforms are fully upgraded, secure and scalable.
  • For collaboration, innovation & productivity, we build and deploy modern and adaptive features & tools.
  • We provide comprehensive support from crafting modernization strategies to adopting new technology.
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IT Strategy & Business Consulting Specializing In Healthcare
  • We create innovative, scalable & fully custom strategies for any business lifecycle stage.
  • Capabilities range from advisory service alongside your staff to fully managed IT departments.
  • Security, Compliance, Big Data, Integration, & more – turn-key solutions for optimal patient care.
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Software Modernization and Business Process Optimization
  • Optimizing your business is at the core of what our experienced teams accomplish behalf of our clients.
  • From matters of workflow and document management to creating bespoke software solutions, we make it happen.
  • Unique challenges call for unique solutions, which is key to successfully optimizing business processes.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Automating manual processes saves time and money
  • Let your team focus on high impact activities and let technology do the rest
  • Our focus is on ease of use and your broader business goals
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Cloud Services For Healthcare & Fully Managed IT
  • We help ensure that your patients’ information and online experiences are always safe and secure.
  • We help connect organizations, enable ways of interaction for patients, & ensure proper data storage.
  • Phase out obsolete or insecure infrastructure and equipment while moving operations to the cloud.
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