Case Study: SureScripts NCPDP & D.0 Pharmacy Billing Integration

About The Project

We were approached by the owner of a small retail pharmacy chain based in New York City. They were building their own retail pharmacy dispensing system to use in-house, and then be subsequently licensed to other retail pharmacies. They had an off-shore development team that was capable of engineering and building the application, but they lacked the subject matter expertise to integrate it with the third-party systems required by a dispensing system. Specifically, they needed to integrate the NCPDP transactions with SureScripts, so their system could receive electronic Prescription records (eRx). They also needed to integrate the D.0 transaction set for pharmacy billing. They did this with RelayHealth as their provider.

We put together a small team of our experts with years of experience doing complex systems integrations in health care, application programmers who had integrated other systems with these exact transactions, and project managers who had previously worked with SureScripts and Relay Health. Our team of programmers built code libraries and working examples that their offshore team could plug into their application without needing to learn every nuance of a specification that is over one thousand pages. Our programmers worked with their team to consult them and answer questions along the way, and reviewed their code to ensure they were implementing best practices and secure coding standards to protect the sensitive data.

We managed the relationship between our client, who was new in the technology space, and both SureScripts and RelayHealth. Our extensive experience working with these transaction sets and our history working with both vendors helped accelerate the timeline dramatically, and ensure an efficient and successful implementation that saved everyone time and resources.



We worked with our client through their design and implementation phase, and consulted them through their successful certifications with both SureScripts and RelayHealth. Their software was able to integrate with the services necessary at the time, and the lessons and experiences we taught their team equipped them for success with future integrations. We served as the glue between our client, their offshore development team, and the service providers, and our expertise benefitted everyone.

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